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Vintage Bathrooms

Vintage Bathrooms are synoninous with the golden age of Victorian bathroom design. Key design features included ball and claw cast iron baths, free standing classical pedestal basins, diamond shaped floor tiles, and antique mirrors The décor of a vintage bathroom represented the opulence that was prevalent with wealthy merchants during the height of the British empire. It was quite usual for the social up and coming with “new money” to show off their latest vintage bathroom accessories finished in lavish gold and nickel. The centre piece of any vintage styled bathroom was the claw foot bath. Vintage tubs were not only the must have traditional bathroom fitting, but were a place where the family would meet and share the bath water in what was usually communal bath time for the family. Vintage bath colours were commonly white, Brunswick green, Burgundy or ivory finished with chrome, nickel or gold ball and claw feet. Cast Iron produces vintage tubs and sells complimentary classically styled tapware delivering nationwide. To see the full range of vintage tubs available click the link or select you preferred claw foot bath style form the scrolling menu locate don the right of the screen.

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