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Shopping Payment Method

Paying for your Cast Iron Bath

Many payment methods exist to suit you, the three main methods of payment are;

Web Payments takes online security very seriously and is proud to utilize state of the art encryption technology to ensure that your details remain yours and not anyone else’s.

When ordering online your credit card details are scrambled and securely sent to us through the utilization of SSL 128 bit encryption security system technology. If you are not familiar with this methodology of security it is a widely used encryption method that simply encodes data that is sent into an indecipherable nonsense, this code can only be decoded by the indented recipient of the information, and remains encoded until the intended recipient enters their individual code that allows decoding to occur.

Phone Orders

You can place a phone order by calling 1800 111 566, we accept Visa and Master Card payments. Upon receipt of your payment an invoice is issued stating your purchase product , invoice address and delivery address.

Direct Deposit Payment

Upon receipt of your invoice/delivery details and the product you wish to order via e-mail or phone, a Pro-Forma invoice will be raised and e-mailed to you along with banking details so that you may finalize your direct deposit. Please state your invoice number on any transfers so that reconciliation of your payment can be made with ease.

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