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Caring for your Cast Iron Bath

About your bath

The process of manufacturing a cast iron bath is hard and laborious and entails a coat of enamel powder being merged to the surface of the red hot casting. This operation causes a number of individual characteristics, such as tiny specs, a light surface ripple and dimples which are quite normal and do not affect in any way the life of the bath and give it a special uniqueness.

Bath Cleaning

Clean internal enamel with warm soapy water and a soft cloth making sure you rinse well with clean water immediately afterwards. DO NOT use aggressive chemicals such as acids or solvents, and avoid abrasive cleaning cloths as you may scratch and wear away the enamel producing a matte finish.
For general cleaning, a surface spray and soft cloth should suffice. For any marks which are hard to remove, a small amount of 2PAC polishing compound from your local auto-shop should do the job.

Moving your bath

Due to the weight of a cast iron bath, extreme caution and appropriate lifting technique must be used. If you are unsure, please seek advise from your physician. When turning the bath over, this should be done in a prompt manner with a minimum of 2 feet constantly on the ground to evenly distribute the weight. DO NOT drag your bath as the feet may come loose and damage the exterior finish.

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