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Payment & Site Security

Payment Methods
Our primary payment options is via Mastercard or Visa. This provides the best purchasing security as your payment is instantly cleared via our order service, allowing for prompt delivery to your door. Alternatively if you would like to pay via direct bank deposit please contact us directly so we can provide you with a Proforma invoice with our Bank Account details on it.

Security On-line
We understand you may be concerned with the security of your personal information & card numbers. When placing orders on-line, our shopping cart and payment gateway utilizes 128-bit encryption which is a proven industry standard. SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layer, is the term given to the type of connection established between your computer and our server. This connection is encrypted with a 2^128 key cipher which if attempted to crack with brute force would take many trillions of years. So it can be said that it is virtually impossible to compramise. We never store your full card details on line, and will never give out your personal information to any third parties. Shopping on-line with is as safe and secure as walking to the corner store on a Sunday afternoon for a milk shake!

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