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History and Future Castironbaths

The History & Future of our Company

History of Cast Iron

2002 - Cast Iron was established

2003 – Australians first franchisees were established

2004 – Largest supplier of new claw foot baths based within Australia

2005 – No.1 - 3 ranking achieved within major search engines

2006 – No 1 – 3 ranking achieved world wide within major search engines

2007 – World wide partners were established

2008 – New global web sites launched

The Future will continue to bring high quality brand new vitreous enamel claw foot baths to market at the most competitive prices available in a way that is relevant to today’s evolving marketplace.

We will continue to service our existing and new customers with existing and new product lines, in a way that will continue to surpass conventional “old school” sales methodologies, by evolving ways in which: Information searching, Product selections, Technical information , Purchasing and After sales care is delivered, so that our customers are happy to have found us!

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