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Antique Bathrooms

Antique bathroom baths were produced between 1880 and 1930, with the early origins being in the UK and France. French antique bathroom baths underpin the French provincial bathroom design, with the most common style being a single ended slipper bath, or hip bath as it is sometimes referred to. English antique baths were reserved for the aristocracy and societies wealthy up until the 1920ís when the demise of communal bathing started and a desire to bathe individually became a social phenomenon. The traditional Antique bath was a roll top styled bath and would have been painted white, racing green, black or burgundy with chrome gold or white claw feet. supply brand new vitreous enamel antique baths nationally with both French provincial slipper bath styles and English roll top designs available in any external colour. To see the full range of antique tubs available click the link or select you preferred claw foot bath style from the scrolling menu located on the right of this screen

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