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Antique Bath Painting Process

The exterior paint finish on a claw foot baths is benchmarked to automotive spray painting techniques, resulting in a beautifully durable exterior being crafted onto every traditional tub.

As with all painting the finish is only as good as the preparation allows, all baths are primed using high build two pack primer and then sanded many times back to a 500 grit finish. At this stage the bath is then hand cleaned and checked for imperfections. Any major imperfections are then treated and re sanded meaning that the exterior finish to your bath is smooth.

The top coat is a two stage process with the colour being spray painted, and then covered 5 times with a two pack lacquer that encases the colour and gives the hard wearing durably and shine that is synonimous with every cast iron bath we produce.

Finally every bath is allowed to dry for two full days so that any instability that may occur in the paint whilst drying is identified before dispatch. It is this attention to detail that places products at the upper end of the quality spectrum, and ensures that your bath will deliver the look you are striving for.

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